“Just A Friend”


“The instant I heard the newly recorded tune, I knew it needed a video with a baton twirler. I did a search for baton twirlers and eventually found Sheryl Baraniuk, director of The Etobicoke Spectrum Baton Club. I said I was looking for a middle-aged woman to twirl a baton to my song; she said she was over 40. Then it took another six months to finally meet her and do some test shots. I thought I’d have to come back with a pro to shoot the final video and possibly find a better location — which I did arrange. Little did I know, the first time she walked through the song would be the best take. All I had to do was sit and hold my iPhone with her in front of her garage. We did come back the following week, but nothing we shot matched the magic of that first take. It totally had the right vibe for the lyrics. The way the video came together was not unlike the way we recorded many of the tunes on the album.”